• Chain Wear Indicator Kit: Tsubaki Chain Wear Indicators are designed to measure roller chain condition and determine critical wear. The indicator tools are made of a high-quality material to withstand harsh and corrosive environments. The strong construction of the indicator tools ensures accurate measurements of the chains every time.
  • Chain Management System®: Tsubaki has the solution with the CHAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM™ (CMS), a complete roller chain storage and cutting device designed to eliminate unnecessary storage and waste issues. Included with the CMS is a fully modular cutting table that has four casters for ease of movement.
  • Super Stainless™ Chain: The toughest applications require the toughest chain possible. That used to mean choosing between the corrosion resistance of stainless steel or the strength of carbon steel. Now Tsubaki offers both—in a single chain.
  • Titan® Series Chain: Our Titan® chain incorporates the best features of our standard ASME/ANSI chain coupled with new and unique features that will outperform competitors’ extended life chains. Titan® chain delivers the ultimate in strength and extended wear life.
  • Drum Sprocket: Tsubaki now offers drum sprockets and shaft assemblies with the same quality and support you have come to expect from all of our Power Transmission & Motion Control products. Available in a variety of styles, multiple strands and options including A-plate, full face and traction wheels, our drum sprockets are designed to fit your drag conveyor applications.
  • Zip Chain Actuator®: The patented Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuator® (ZCA) is the solution to your linear actuator application problems. This is the next generation of compact, high speed linear actuator that “zips” together chain segments, creating a rigid actuating arm that offers high speed, multipoint stopping, efficient operation, and a long life — all in a compact footprint.


  • TKHD Cable Carrier: The TKHD Series is Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® proven long-distance, heavy-load specialist. One of the most important differences between the TKHD Series and its competitors is that the TKHD cable carrier features mechanically locked links for superior strength and aluminum horizontal crossbars for enhanced protection against cable and hose wear.