Primary MetalsPrimary metal manufacturing processes include metal producing, mining, melting, refineries, forming and an array of other operations. As these operations normally contain abrasive and high temperature conditions, there can be challenges during the manufacturing processes that operators often encounter.

A variety of equipment that are used in a metal manufacturing industry must incorporate right components in order to meet the industry requirements. Every element in the machine needs to be strong, durable, and resistant to abrasives and high temperatures. Tsubaki offers an extensive range of products as durable and reliable solutions that deliver a premium performance and extended maintenance intervals even under tough environments related to weather, dust, and contaminants.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the various Tsubaki products that can provide what primary metals manufacturing applications demand — even under the most challenging and strenuous conditions.

Case Studies

Roller Chains: Long Wear Life in Tough Conditions

Roller chains play a major role in the manufacturing of primary metals, as well as applications such as material conveyors, steel drawing machines, and conveyors for steel bars. For these applications in high demand, Tsubaki offers premium roller chains that are strong and durable, comprised of materials with high fatigue strength, resistant to high temperatures and abrasives — which may contaminate lubricant resulting in accelerated wear.

  • High Performance Titan® Series: Tsubaki Titan® series roller chain consists of unique features that are specially designed for high wear resistance in tough environments. Those features include specially coated pins for protection from impact damage and wear and treated link plates for better corrosion resistance. In sizes ranging from 80-140, Titan® roller chain also features patented PerforMax™ solid lube groove bushings for long-lasting performance.
  • Super and Super H Series: For a variety of machines with extreme loads, Tsubaki offers Super and Super H Series roller chains featuring through-hardened pins, ball-drifted pitch holes, and wider-waist link plates. Extra traits added to Super H Series are thicker link plates. These offerings provide greater shock resistance and higher maximum allowable loads, which are key for applications where fatigue strength is critical.
  • AL and BL Series Leaf Chain: In general, leaf chains have greater tensile strength than standard roller chains and are used with sheaves instead of sprockets. Thus, they are used as counterweight chains for machine tools, forklift truck masts, spinning frames and similar lifting or balancing applications. Furthermore, Tsubaki offers Ultra-Life Series Leaf Chain that incorporates advanced technologies and manufacturing processes to achieve four times longer life than standard leaf chains as well as greater corrosion resistance.

Engineering Class Chains: Moving Materials Forward without Pause

Engineering class chains are used on conveyors and elevators throughout the production process to move materials and finished product along the supply chain. The majority of these applications utilize made-to-order roller conveyor chains, steel bushed or bar and pin designs. Tsubaki strives to provide the most reliable and predicable lifecycles in the industry and that begins with delivering the most reliable chain and motion control options in the market.

  • Engineering Class Drive Chain: These specialized chains are found across refineries, steel mills, mining, construction and everywhere else the primary metals industry may go. Complete with quality components — high-strength sidebars, precision machined bushing, alloy steel induction hardened material, and shock-resistant rollers, engineering class chains allow for peak performance, minimal downtime, reliable service, and the ability to withstand high shock loads.
  • Titan® XL Series: Like the standard Titan® series, the XL series offers manufacturers chain that is designed to limit wear and tear and is minimally affected by the elements. Well-suited for mining, cement and heavy industrial applications, the proprietary Titan® pin coating is specifically formulated for harsh conditions while delaying the onset of aggressive, dry wear and extending life–maximizing production uptime and operational throughput.

Sprockets: Conveying Your Products from Start to Finish

Sprockets are used to convey chains in order to move product and materials throughout a given process. A worn-down sprocket can lead to tension loss, slippage, or a jumped chain, leading to potential instances of critical production failure. Multiple types of Tsubaki-made sprockets are top-of-the-line options for primary metals manufacturers, many of whom mainly use conveyers and lifting applications.

  • Smart Tooth® Sprocket: Smart Tooth sprockets make it possible to identify and schedule drive system maintenance before critical component failure occurs. Strategic placement of Tsubaki’s patented Wear Indicator not only allows for proactive sprocket wear identification, it also mitigates the risk of worn sprockets permanently damaging the mating chain.
  • Tsubaki Standard Sprockets: Tsubaki stock sprockets come with hardened teeth as a standard and only use 1045 steel, never powdered metal. This increases the life of the sprocket vs. non hardened teeth allowing for fewer shutdowns and increased savings over the life of the application.

Backstops & Clutches: Providing Long Life and Reliable Operations

Maintaining backstops & clutches is crucial for manufacturers looking to maximize performance regardless of the project or situation.

  • BS-F Series Backstops: BS-F is used throughout the primary metal industry, with most of it being found on incline conveyors throughout the mining sector to prevent reverse rotation moving raw material around the site. The grease lubrication and labyrinth seal prevent contamination created during the primary metal manufacturing process from entering the internals of the backstop, preserving a long lifetime.
  • MGUS Series Clutches: MGUS clutches are used in overrunning applications to help synchronize dual drive conveyors moving heavy materials as well as in backup drive systems that allow for torque disengagement between the primary and secondary drives on a system with a backup drive or with dual speed drives.


Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® Cable Carriers: No Load is Too Much

Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® cable carriers are generally used on large pieces of material handling equipment within steel mills and are often a part of the handling equipment moving large steel slabs or rolled steel across the production floor. Because of the harsh environment and heavy cable package loads, this industry generally only uses 100% steel cable carriers. Tsubaki’s proven range of Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® brand products provide great protection for cables and hoses used in primary metals-related applications.

  • S/SX series: Able to carry the heavy cable packages and not impacted by the extreme heat and exposure to molten steel they might come in contact with, the S/SX Series cables are also able to withstand dirty environments with ease.