When paired with the Tsubaki Scan-and-Plan application identification system, customers can quickly and easily identify their different applications and the Tsubaki products installed on them.

How It Works:

  • Critical product, application, and maintenance information are entered into Tsubaki Advantage and the program tracks and calculates the total cost savings over the entire time the Tsubaki products are installed.
  • Documented cost savings reports can be generated along the way to monitor the actual cost savings realized.
  • Special Scan-and-Plan QR code labels are applied to each piece of equipment that contain the application and product information as well as the date of installation for easy access when the time comes for replacement.

Success Stories

Tsubaki offers top-quality, reliable, and hassle-free products that provide you with increased productivity and profitability. Discover how Tsubaki demonstrates our value with real-life successes from various industries:


Tsubaki Advantage has been used to document millions of dollars in cost savings for customers by tracking their savings associated with:

  • Product Replacement
  • Decreased maintenance
  • Increased uptime & productivity
Tsubaki Advantage
Tsubaki Advantage