Rotary Drum FurnaceCost Savings: $15,542.14

Our customer is one of the most prominent players in the aluminum billet industry. They were having issues with their rotary drum furnace and called on the Tsubaki team to see how the problems could be improved.

This aluminum billet producer was experiencing rapid chain elongation and the odd breakage every 6-8 months on their 200RB chain installed on their rotary drum furnace. The customer grew exhausted constantly having to repair the 200RB; hence they decided that a permanent solution to increase wear life was warranted.

After investigating the scenario, we recommended the heavy series of our new Titan Series Chain. Tsubaki’s heavy-series chain was suggested to address the odd breakage; this resulted in a 20% increase in strength. To address elongation and inability to lubricate due to high temperature, our Titan Series’ innovative hard-chrome plated pins provided a solution. The hard-chromed plated pins have ultra-smooth surfaces and are extra hard, thus, reducing friction on the pin/bearing area while at the same time providing extra strength and prolonging wear life.

The recipe Tsubaki suggested ran on the application for four years without encountering any breakage resulting in cost savings of $15,542.14.