Tsubaki’s commitment to the customer goes well beyond the product itself. Leveraging a direct technical field presence, Tsubaki proactively ensures our customers the most reliable and predictable service lifecycles in the industry. A properly specified, installed and maintained chain should never break, but wear predictably, allowing for maximum productivity and ultimate reliability.

  • Improve your Operational Reliability and Productivity with Tsubaki ProService®
  • Chain, Sprocket And System Optimization
  • On-site Chain And Sprocket Installation Support
  • Reliable And Predictable Performance
  • Chain Mechanics, Design And Maintenance Training
  • Chain And Sprocket Held Inspections
  • Chain And Sprocket Wear Analysis
  • Chain And Sprocket Performance Tracking

At Tsubaki, our industry-leading team of engineers and technical field resources is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support. We will build the ideal chain for your project, optimize it as your needs change, and proactively assist in its performance throughout the entire lifecycle. It’s how we ensure that you get the maximum value out of your chain and sprocket system. It’s the Tsubaki Difference!


  • Improved operational reliability
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Reliable and predictable performance
  • Employee development and training
  • Proactive partnership with the world’s premier chain manufacturer

Prior to implementing Tsubaki’s sealed-joint solution, we were replacing the chain in our large boiler-feed drag conveyors annually. The chains from Tsubaki have now completed their 4th season and are still going strong. To date, we estimate an approximate savings of $350,000. Tsubaki’s progressive thinking and thorough understanding of material handling and power transmission systems benefited our operations significantly.

— Bret N. Mill Operations Manager, Food Production