A Guide to Long Travel Cable Carriers (TKHD and TKHD-R)

A Guide to Long Travel Cable Carriers (TKHD & TKHD-R)

Cable carrier systems offer protection to vulnerable cables and hoses, creating a tunnel-like barrier designed to reduce wear and damage and prevent tangling. Cable carriers are essential components in many industrial applications, providing a safe and organized way to guide and protect cables and hoses. Among the various types of cable carriers, the TKHD and TKHD-R models from Tsubaki-Kabelschlepp® are specifically designed for long travel applications. In this blog, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to these cable carriers, covering their features, benefits, and applications.

TKHD Series Long Travel Cable Carriers

The TKHD cable carrier series has been specifically designed to handle heavy loads and to provide exceptional strength and protection from both internal friction and external hazards. Specific features to support these qualities include:

  • Aluminum horizontal crossbars: Stronger, less abrasive, and more resistant to environmental conditions than typical nylon crossbars, providing improved protection and reduced wear.
  • Mechanically locked links: A much stronger construction to stand up to longer travel lengths and heavier loads.
  • Integrated rollers: Reducing the force needed to move cable through the carrier.
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A Guide to Long Travel Cable Carriers (TKHD and TKHD-R)

Types of Long Travel Cable Carriers

Long travel cable carriers can be unsupported, installed in a gliding arrangement, or with a rolling carriage, accommodating the widest range of customer requirements.

TKHD Series

The TKHD series of cable carriers are specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of long travel lengths and high loads. Strengths and qualities of these cable carriers include:

  • Steel installation brackets and aluminum stays (available in 1 mm sections) for reliable strength
  • Plastic chain link plates and smooth interior without protrusions to interfere with cables
  • Sliding, fixable dividers and subdivisions to separate cables and keep them in place
  • Dividers with or without height separation for versatile cable distribution
  • Options for end connector styles
  • Supporting travel lengths up to 200 m in gliding applications (up to 13.5 m unsupported)
  • Versatile stop system for precise customization
  • Reinforced pin/bore connections
  • Accommodating speeds up to 20 m/s and acceleration up to 8 m/s2 depending on installation style
  • Capable of supporting additional loads of up to 100 kg/m


The TKHD90-R model of cable carrier offers all of the benefits common to the TKHD series with the addition of an integrated roller system. This integrated roller system features:

  • Durable stainless steel ball bearing and plastic roller design
  • Smooth, quiet performance
  • Integrated damping system to minimize vibration and the wear and tear it causes
  • Application-specific lubrication to meet varying customer requirements
  • Travel lengths of up to 800 m
  • A space-saving, cost-optimized design usable in retrofitting an existing system, including integration of existing guide channels
  • Capability for high travel speeds (up to 10 m/s) and acceleration (up to 50 m/s2)
  • Ability to support large additional loads (up to 100 kg/m)
  • Reduced push-pull force required for most applications

What Are the Benefits Of TKHD Series Cable Carriers

The TKHD series of cable carriers are specially designed to provide an easy, reliable, cost-effective solution for long travel, heavy-duty environments. To that end, they feature:

  • Simple, versatile assembly, installation, and part replacement with easy access to rollers
  • Replaceable glide shoes to extend service life when installed in gliding applications
  • An enclosed stop system that protects from dirt, stains, and contaminants
  • Low maintenance and lubrication needs
  • Strong, easily assembled sidebands
  • Inward and outward opening for easy cable placement and access

Long Travel Cable Carriers with US Tsubaki

An investment in long-lasting, heavy-duty cable carriers pays off with fewer disruptions, less maintenance, lower replacement parts costs, and improved efficiency. Explore our full range of cable carriers and accessories with optional configurations to meet nearly any installation requirements, including heavy-duty and long travel length applications.

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