Chain Management System™ for Roller Chain

Roller chain is constructed with alternating, interlocked links called roller links and pin links. The roller links, also known as inner links, consist of parallel plates connected by bushings that support freely rotating rollers. The pin links, also known as outer links, consist of parallel plates connected by pins that run through the bushings of the roller links. Roller chains are often needed in a specific length, which requires cutting to replace worn chains in equipment.

Tsubaki’s newly developed Chain Management System™ (CMS) facilitates efficient storing and cutting capabilities for roller chains without waste challenges that are common among other methods.

What is a Chain Management System™ (CMS)?

Piles of roller chains in boxes take up a lot of space and roller chain reels are heavy and very difficult to manage. Manually cutting roller chain can be very challenging and time consuming for operators.

Tsubaki’s proprietary Chain Management System™ transforms chain reel storage and cutting processes and offers a new revolutionary chain-handling method for various warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing settings. Using a CMS enables operators to easily store, handle, and cut roller chain to specific lengths. The complete CMS consists of two components: the fully modular cutting table and a heavy-duty chain storage carousel.

The fully modular cutting table of the CMS is available in both hydraulic and electric cutting systems and includes four casters that allow operators move the device easily and cut chains directly on the shop floor without any unnecessary downtime. The CMS cutting table also incorporates two smart features – a safety guard for operation and a specially-designed catch pan located directly under the cutting mechanism, which catches any loose chain waste and ensures a debris-free production floor.

Additionally, cutting tools (or cutting dies) for the CMS cutting table are offered separately in an extensive selection of sizes to tailor the system and meet specific chain needs. The cutting tools effectively cut a large variety of ANSI single and double pitch chains, British Standard (BS) chains, and double-strand chains.

The second component that makes the CMS complete is a heavy-duty chain carousel designed to house up to 12 chain reels. Its user-friendly design features a hand crank which is used to rotate the carousel easily and effortlessly.

Benefits of a Chain Management System™

Tsubaki’s Chain Management System™ for roller chain storage and cutting offers a solution to a variety of challenges that operators encounter. The benefits of this remarkable system are unmatched by any other product in the market and include:

  • Increased storeroom and warehouse space
  • Enhanced storing and cutting efficiency
  • Improved organization
  • Easy to use

Unique components of a complete CMS contain:

  • Two chain cutting table options
  • Smart elements such as safety guard, catch pan and casters
  • User-friendly storage carousel constructed to hold up to 12 reels of roller chains
  • Hand crank feature to rotate the carousel easily

To meet specific chain needs, the cutting tools (or cutting dies) are supplied separately from the CMS per request and are available for ANSI standard single pitch chain sizes 40 to 100, double pitch chain sizes C2040 to C2060H, and double-strand sizes 40-2 to 80-2 and C2040-2 to C2050-2 in addition to British Standard (BS) chain sizes 08B to 20B and double-strand sizes 08B-2 to 16B-2.

Tsubaki Chain Management System™ Solutions

The Chain Management System™, Tsubaki’s latest proprietary solution, features the modern chain storage and cutting technology. CMS will revolutionize the way your business handles roller chain storage and cutting methods. To learn more about it, contact our experts or request a quote today!

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