BRUS Series Backstop Offers Superior Performance and Advanced Protection

Tsubaki BRUS Backstop

For high-speed conveyor applications, a robust backstop solution is necessary to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations.

External backstops are often used in conveyor or bucket elevator applications where heavy materials are being transported upwards or for long distances at high speeds. The backstop is installed onto the gearbox to ensure the drive shaft never rotates in the incorrect direction.

This not only protects the motor from rotating in reverse, it also prevents the conveyor from rolling backwards in the event of a stop due to a power failure, regular maintenance work, or an emergency situation.

External backstops also play a critical role in ensuring safety. In the mining industry, for example, conveyors can carry loads weighing hundreds of pounds. A reversal of the belt at accelerated speeds could result in product rollback, potentially endangering and injuring workers in the vicinity. This does not even take into account the time and effort required to clean up this material pile up.

When selecting a backstop assembly for high-torque or high-speed applications, it’s important to find a robust solution that can offer maximum protection for your equipment and employees. Tsubaki BRUS Series backstops leverage the company’s 100+ years of engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide a powerful and long-lasting backstop solution for a variety of industry applications.

A Robust Backstop Solution for High-Speed Applications

Tsubaki BRUS was designed to be a drop-in replacement for popular high-speed external backstops installed directly on standard gearboxes. This makes for a simple and quick installation, allowing you to keep your operations running and downtime to a minimum.

BRUS backstops also offer several enhanced features for added protection and ease of use. A felt ring seal and labyrinth body seal design are used to protect drive components from grease leaking or ingress of contaminants. The cam design provides non-rollover protection and “lift-off” operation to ensure a low operating temperature and long life. The flexible design of the BRUS torque arm also allows for re-use during regular maintenance and replacement.

Tsubaki offers a wide selection of backstop and clutch products designed to fit the needs of specific applications, including internal and external backstops as well as overrunning and indexing clutches. To learn more about Tsubaki’s BRUS Series, click here, or contact us today to request specific information from our team.

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