Roller Chain Couplings Ensure Stronger, More Durable Connections

Chain Couplings

When connecting two rotating shafts, it can be challenging to achieve the proper alignment. Even if the components are initially positioned correctly, they might fall into misalignment during regular operations.  Without a proper coupling solution, these misalignments can cause abrasion to the drive shafts and damage to the machine, contributing to downtime and resulting in costly repairs and maintenance.

Roller chain couplings are a simple, yet mechanically flexible and robust method to keep driven components aligned and running efficiently. The coupling device consists of one coupling chain and a pair of coupling sprockets, which together produce a clearance around the driven components. This adds flexibility and allows small misalignments to occur between the driven shafts without affecting the other components. The roller chain coupling protects bearings from overheating and abrasion, safeguarding the entire machine during use.


When to Use Roller Chain Couplings

Roller chain couplings are ideal for high torque applications, such as those found in the tire manufacturing industry. They are also commonly used in the farming and mining industries for applications involving bucket elevators and incline conveyors.  When the coupling is installed, torque is apportioned over the whole roller chain and all sprocket teeth. The redistribution of the torque helps ensure a longer wear life for your chains and other components, keeping maintenance and replacement costs low.  Additionally, coupling covers can be installed to help protect against dust, water droplets and other debris that could get inside and damage the chain. The cover can also hold lubricant to keep lines running smoothly, further extending service life.


Make a Quick Connection with Tsubaki’s Roller Chain Couplings

Flexible and strong, Tsubaki’s Roller Chain Couplings are suitable for a wide range of coupling applications. The coupling device includes a Tsubaki premium double-strand roller chain with a single-pin connector, precision hardened sprockets and a standard dual set screw locking arrangement for extra durability in high-torque and high-speed applications.  Connecting and removing the shafts is easily accomplished using the connecting pin. The simple construction makes our units easy to install, remove, and replace, keeping downtime and hassles to a minimum. This means you can spend less time setting up your equipment and can quickly get production rolling.

Tsubaki’s Coupling Covers also offer unique benefits. Unlike other couplings, there are no dangerous projecting bolts. The split-type construction provides easy installation and inspection and the smooth surface design ensures safe operation.

To learn more about Tsubaki’s Roller Chain couplings, click here, or request for a quote today to request specific information from our team.

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