Super Stainless™ Offers Unparalleled Strength for Food and Beverage Manufacturing–chains

Super Stainless Chain for Food Manufacturing

Finding the ideal roller chain solution for your food or beverage operation can be a challenge. You need a chain that’s built to withstand extreme temperatures, high moisture levels, and exposure to harsh chemicals without breaking down or corroding.

When it comes to selecting a roller chain solution, you typically have two options: stainless steel or carbon steel. While stainless steel chains are corrosion-resistant and ideal for food-grade environments, carbon steel is stronger with higher load ratings. Choosing between the two could mean compromising on important aspects of your application needs.

With Tsubaki’s Super Stainless chains, you don’t have to choose. Super Stainless chain combines the corrosion resistance of stainless steel with the strength of carbon steel for extended wear life and increased savings on maintenance and replacement costs. With load capacities up to six times stronger than other stainless options on the market, Super Stainless offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional chain solutions.


Optimizing Operations with Super Stainless

 Super Stainless integrates a high side-bar waist for greater fatigue strength and hardened stainless components to improve performance and extend wear life. Ideal for the food and beverage industry, Super Stainless is designed to withstand a range of corrosive conditions, including harsh chemicals, high moisture levels and temperatures ranging from -40° to 750° F.

Super Stainless Chain for the Food & Beverage Industry

Converting to Super Stainless is easy, saving you time and money on expensive system redesigns. One Super Stainless chain has the same maximum allowable load of a much larger or multi-strand stainless chain, or one equivalent carbon steel chain. This means Super Stainless chain can be easily integrated into any existing stainless or carbon steel system, improving operations while maintaining the same load capacity.

Installing Super Stainless chain can also help limit downtime by extending the time to replace. While chain elongation is inevitable, Super Stainless offers twice the wear life of other stainless chains, reducing repair and maintenance costs.


Get Started with Super Stainless

Highly customizable to fit any application need, Super Stainless chains can be paired with a range of Super Stainless attachments and sprockets to create a reliable stainless steel system with superior wear life. This allows you to build extra strength and corrosion resistance into your entire operation.

To learn more about Tsubaki’s Super Stainless chains, download the brochure.

To download CAD drawings and find detailed information about Super Stainless chain pitch, width, and more, click here or contact us today to request specific information from our team.


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