Scrap Conveyor

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Cost Savings: $18,404.08 A customer in the steel-producing industry was using chains with standard rollers for their scrap conveyor. The environment was highly contaminated with dust. Dust or powder-like debris can easily get in-between bushings and rollers, which will cause rapid wear. An OEM supplied the replacement chain with an improved roller design that incorporated […]

Looper Exit

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Cost Savings: $126,189 An RS120 competitor’s chain was supplied in four strands at 137 feet each. The primary issue of this metal processing application was elongation due to lack of lubrication, throwing the looper cart out of alignment. Tsubaki’s technical solutions team further investigated the issue – the application required a chain that lubricates itself […]

Rotary Drum Furnace

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Cost Savings: $15,542.14 Our customer is one of the most prominent players in the aluminum billet industry. They were having issues with their rotary drum furnace and called on the Tsubaki team to see how the problems could be improved. This aluminum billet producer was experiencing rapid chain elongation and the odd breakage every 6-8 […]

Sorter Drive

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Cost Savings: $43,575 The customer was using a competitor’s brand of 160-2RB chain that was consistently breaking on the connecting link approximately every two months, causing costly maintenance and downtime. Tsubaki recommended upgrading the drive to a 160SUPER-2RB chain due to the following reasons: it would fit on the same sprocket as it has the […]

Edger Infeed Table

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Cost Savings: $7,576 A customer mill was experiencing premature corrosion on their 81X conveyor chain installed on the edger infeed table caused by the conveyance of wet hemlock, which corrodes the chain after two months of operation, resulting in significant maintenance and downtime. Tsubaki has been experimenting with a proprietary coating that was applied to […]