Stone ElevatorCost Savings: $1,600

An emerging global supplier for lime and limestone products has had maintenance issues with sprockets on their stone elevator, 200 feet above the ground. The customer previously used a competitor’s cast, chilled rim 132C10 segmented sprocket. Maintenance was always an issue due to the location of the sprocket. Furthermore, when they inspected and replaced the segmented sprocket, bolts had to be loosened to dismantle. This led to an uneven tightening of the sprocket bolts and irregular wear patterns on the cast sprocket teeth.

The customer decided to switch to Tsubaki’s steel boot sprocket with wear indicators for their application. Wear Indicators provide a visual indication that a sprocket is still within the allowable wear tolerance and when replacement is required. Tsubaki’s wear indicator technology suited this application – the customer managed to save on maintenance man-hours, and sprocket inspection was made easier with the wear indicator technology. Visual inspection was all that was needed – no sprocket disassembly was required.

In terms of price, Tsubaki’s sprocket was 50% more than the competitor. However, the life span increased by 140%, saving the customer $1600 and counting.