Sorter DriveCost Savings: $43,575

The customer was using a competitor’s brand of 160-2RB chain that was consistently breaking on the connecting link approximately every two months, causing costly maintenance and downtime. Tsubaki recommended upgrading the drive to a 160SUPER-2RB chain due to the following reasons: it would fit on the same sprocket as it has the same footprint as a standard ANSI roller chain; it has increased Maximum Allowable Load (MAL) ratings that are approximately 30% higher than a standard chain; Tsubaki chain has superior connecting link strength due to our patented Ring-Coining connecting link technology that has a fatigue strength equal to that of the chain itself, which means that there is no loss in strength. By switching to Tsubaki, the customer was able to see improvement in chain life from approximately 60 days to 1344 days and counting