Synthetic Gypsum Bucket ElevatorCost Savings: $7,787 and counting

The customer was using a competitor’s 4850 chain with G6 attachment on every pitch to move raw synthetic gypsum via buckets to the next process area. Gypsum would get into the pin and bushing area triggering the pin to wear, causing the competitor’s chain to last for two years.

Although the chain lasted for two years, Tsubaki came up with an improved solution to further prolong chain life. We recommended hardened stainless steel pins and bushings along with extended bushings through the inner sidebars with nitride seals (SJ2) on the ends of the extended bushings to help reduce corrosion and wear within critical areas. The SJ2 technology prevents the gypsum from getting into the pin-bushing area, thus, increasing wear life.

The cost of the new chain is more than twice as much as the competitor’s chain. However, the chain has been running for 4.5 years (more than two folds of the previous chain life), and Tsubaki’s chain shows no wear and elongation with all the seals intact.